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How to Get Credit Cards without your Social Security Number

 Maybe you’re in a situation where you have a bad credit score, so in this post, I am going to show you how to EXACTLY GET a credit card without using your social security number. The worst thing about having a bad credit score is that it is hard to qualify for new credit card accounts and not being able to raise your total credit score. So I thought I need these people out by literally giving out some information that you can take away. Follow until the end of the post if you want to increase your credit score without getting any hard inquiries.

 So Are you ready to find out how to get credit cards without using your social Let’s get started! 

 Step # 1 ( DO not OPT-OUT of Credit card offers)

 Opt-In service allows you to stop receiving pre-approval credit card offers in the mail or over the phone. Yes, it is very annoying to receive bunch mail about credit card sign up bonuses, but there are enormous benefits of getting credit card offers. For one: Not only you’re going to increase the odds of approval for being pre-selected, but you’re putting yourself into the credit card companies internal system. So first thing first, get into the website And when you enter the website click the button that says “Opt-in or Opt-out.” Simply, follow the self-guided process to opt-in yourself to get credit card offers. Well, don’t worry you can always opt-out once you get approved for credit cards without using your SSN. This website is authorized by the main credit bureaus like Equifax, Innovis, TranUnion, and Experian. Again, they are authorized by these credit bureaus to access your credit profiles, so this ain’t like some average joe’s website that is trying to get your social. And here is the link you can check it out

 And the next micro-step you need to do is clearing your website history and cookies. If you’re using google chrome, or Safari for your Apple users out there you can do this by going to Incognito mode. You’re using a web rower that does not save cookies and internet history. And the last micro-step you need to do is: disable any pop-up blockers. So if you may have some kind of pop-up blockers from google chrome extension, just temporarily stop it before doing this secret method. 

Step # 2 ( Apply for credit card through a store website)

 By this point, you should’ve already opted in for credit card offers, and cleared your internet browser history. Now there are dozens of bank retail cards you can get at this point in November 2019. So take actions right now, it may change in a few days or so… I am just going to say out a few retail stores you can today! 1. Victoria’s Secret 2. Wayfair 3. J. Crew 4. Game Stop and even Walmart supermarket. But you must do this very carefully, Now add a few items on your shopping cart to make about $100 worth of merchandise. Don’t worry you’re going to spend $100. Once you’ve window shopped, head to check out page.

 During this checkout process, you’re going to fill out your billing information as if you were going to buy the items. Again, do not click the purchase button, The whole point here is to wait for a credit card offer to pop up while you’re filling out the page. 

 For the best chance of receiving a credit card offer, fill in your data slowly and do not use any autofill text. If you don’t get an offer to pop up, change things up in your shopping cart and try a few more times. If it doesn’t work, try a different store. I have listed out multiples of stores you can try it on. Once you receive a credit card offer during the checkout process, make sure the page is only asking you for the last 4 digits of your SSN, then it won’t result in a hard pull on your credit report. If you ever do get a hard pull, well I can also help you with that. Just simply book a 10 mins call with me and I’ll help how you can dispute that also. So you have nothing to lose. 

So here’s the deal… Some haters are gonna be like “ omg I don’t even shop there, so why would I get a credit card from there right?! This is so dumb.. “ No.. again, the reason why you should be getting these store credit cards is to increase your bad credit history. So if you’re in a situation where your credit score is really bad like below 600, your chance of getting a normal credit card from a bank is very slim. So do this method and have yourself a favor by adding some credit card and ultimately building up your credit score. If you’re 18 years old, don’t go for a secured credit card… This is a lot easier, and one of the fastest ways to build your credit so you can build your dream. Every month of you just buying 1 item from these stores you’ve gotten credit cards from, every month you are building your credit score. 35% of your total credit is made up of payment history. So if you’re just getting started on your credit journey, this is the best opportunity.

 Ultimately ask yourself this question “ Should I get a store credit card vs normal cash credit card” A few things you may need to consider is:

 How good is my credit score? If it is very good then you should probably apply for a credit card that will give you travel rewards points and cashback. If your credit score is below 650, my recommendation is doing this secret method, so not only you will get approved for a credit card and ultimately build credit without getting any inquiries.

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