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By Jake Song

I’m going to share with you why hard inquiries are hurting you and really how to remove them if this is the kind of content you like make sure to smash that like button and subscribe to my channel and turn on your notifications so you can win some gift away. Let’s start by what happens when you have over inquiries on your credit profile. There is no golden rule to this, but in my experience after working with hundreds of clients, I realized that you do not want to have more than 7 inquiries in a year. Yeah, I said it. So if you have more than 7 inquiries recently it will impact your credit journey, you’re gonna be missing out on the opportunities of getting free travel, making passive income, and many more. So read this post, it will help you even if you have less than 7 inquiries and help your credit journey. 

Quick Tip: You are protected by a Federal Law, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Under the FCRA section 604, the lender must obtain a wet signature, driver’s license, and documents prove that inquiry was made by you. Ultimately, protecting you against any fraud activities.

Here is the step by step guide to removing inquiries:

Step #1: Print out 604 Section Dispute letter ( DOWNLOAD 💿) and send it to credit bureaus

 Basically, this is the letter that will challenge the credit bureaus to delete your inquiries. The custom letter that I have made for you will include FCRA right as a consumer and it will challenge the credit bureaus to verify the lender to provide all documents under the 30 days. This is good!! Because now you’re challenging credit bureaus to verify your information and in most cases, they take longer than 30 days to verify your information, which in result turns out in your favors. 

 Fill out the form as it states, and send it to credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). The mailing address will be included in the document itself, so all you have to do is to include your mailing address. When sending an mail to the credit bureaus, make sure to send them in certified mail. This will give you a reference number to trace. 

Step #2: Put a Security Freeze on Sage Stream profile

 Let me give you more SECRET: FCRA Section 604 is just the act… 

Your inquiries are actually stored in a completely different place than you may be thinking.. It is housed in a system called Sage Stream. When credit bureaus are verifying your information, they are not checking from the lender because that will take too much time. Credit bureaus check from the sage stream. So here’s what you need to do: You can go to the SageStream website and put a security freeze on your profile. Now, credit bureaus will not be able to verify your inquiries because your sage stream profile is locked!

Step #3: Put a Security Freeze on LexisNexis

 LexisNexis is a housing facility where your public record can be validated. This is what IRS and the FBI use to validate your information as well. So, by freezing your Lexis Nexis and freezing your SageStream, credit bureaus have no chance to find them. And again, make sure you track the certified mail because what’s going to happen is they’re going to validate the information now again the burden of proof. When you send out this Fair Credit Reporting Act 604 to the credit bureaus, they have to come back and it typically takes about three weeks. They have to come back with the burden proof to show that your driver’s license, wet signature, and the legal document is there. All of that has to be provided under 30 days. If they don’t reply to you with the required documents, you can even file a lawsuit!

  Here is my breakdown of how you can TAKE ACTIONS TODAY! This seems easy yet, people don’t do it! Don’t be the rest of the people who are reading this post and decide never to do it. If you want to learn more advance way of disputing any derogatory remarks you may have. Come check out my program. It will change your life.

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