About Us - Fly Credit
Ever since I was a teenager, traveling has been my passion. I still remember the first time I took an American Airline flight to Europe. Everything I knew about life has changed and opened a new perspective in mind. As I went through the travel lifestyle I started realizing how difficult it is to save money. I would spend almost all of my income on traveling. I began to seek for new ideas and ways to travel for free and one by one I learned about credit.
I latched to the knowledge that not only enabled me to travel to 15 different countries for free, but also this thirst for knowledge has become my passion. A little teenager’s free travel gig has become a passion for helping people around the country to utilize credit, something that we all have in common. This passion has enabled me to serve other people with genuine hearts. This is what pushes me through hard times, my passion to bring the awareness of financial rights and freedom by leveraging credit.
I love what I do! are you able to say the same? As a young entrepreneur, my passion has become promoting a comfortable and enriching atmosphere that encourages future growth and empowers people to live a financially free lifestyle.

Over the past years, Donowan Angulo also refer as Donny Fuego has helped focus on developing the community and impacting local businesses. He started his career very young at Apple Inc, where he focused on empowering businesses by implementing new technologies solutions to increase performance and revenue.

Welcome To Millennials Mindsets Podcast

Brought to you by Flycredit. Jake song and Donny Fuego go thru their life documenting the process that it takes to a millennial to become financial independent and finding fullfiment in life in this DNA.