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Brought to you by flycredit. Jake song and Donny Angulo go thru their life documenting the process that it takes to a millennial to become financial independent and finding fullfiment in life in this DNA.

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  • I provide a ton of free resources to help you create a more fulfilling lifestyle!
  • We want to show whats possible when you go all in, invest in yourself and most importantly do what you truly want to do in life!

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  • A Real Life Story of an Entrepreneur and how is impacting people's life by leveraging credit.
  • Stay on to of the credit world.
  • Learn how other people are utilizing credit to change their life.

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  • A story of ups and downs of true seekers.

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  • Truth be told here.
  • If the rules are not fair, break them.
  • Doubt what you believe.

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